Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rambles of a Scattered Brain

Random thoughts today because I feel scattered brained.
~I’m actually getting excited about Little Bat’s school year. Meet his new principal and assistant principal Monday and let’s just say they ROCK!!!!! After meeting with our original psychologist last week, I feel tons better on the direction we are going. Understanding more about Little Bat or it might be that I have listened to that voice that was so crystal clear not too long ago that said, be still. So I have and I’m seeing more about him than ever before. Good along with the frustrations. Anyway, after talking with his principal, I think he is going to have an amazing year!! Or at least that’s where I’m leaving it at right now.
~House projects are slowing coming along. Baby steps as my Mother says. I got a really cool cabinet done over the weekend and just threw some of my milk glass in it. I will take a picture of it when I have the time to rearrange it some more. So the bedroom is coming along nicely. Still have to hang some items. I want to make a couple of pillows for the bed too. Would like to at least paint our bathroom for right now, because it is going to be a major overhaul when we do it but I think we can do baby steps in there too.
~I’m hoping to make progress this weekend with the entry way. I would like to get some bead board hung and at least the little nook painted. I got some remnant fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby and I think one of them will work very nicely with the bench in that area. Fun fabric too! Can’t decide what type of coat hanger I want to use. I’m thinking I’m going to use what I got but paint it a different color than the wood coloring it is now. I also want to replace both boob lights on the ceiling. I’m thinking industrial type pendants?
~Stained concrete floors? Whatcha think? Might try it in the game room first before may be doing it in the kitchen or maybe we should try the entry way area, smaller and possibly not cracked. See our entry way and entire kitchen area is tile. Disgusting tile! Being that the kitchen area is so big, we are going to have to be conservative in what we do.
~We finally got rain yesterday. And the last few mornings have been somewhat cool……which gets me yearning for fall weather. I love the fall! It’s my favorite season. Of course I was born on the first day of fall so go figure that it would be. I have several fall theme decorations I want to do… Christmas will just be around the corner don’t ya know.
~I’ve been toying with the idea of doing my full ironman next year. My thinking is that Sister Bat will be entering high school next year and will be getting busier and busier. So even thinking of doing long distant races will be crazy after that. Little Bat although busy will probably start getting busier, so I’m thinking I best take advantage of the not so crazy time and go for it. Of course I haven’t talked this over with Daddy Bat but like I said I’m just toying with the idea. It also means I have to get my bat booty in the water (pool) and start swimming…..oh how I love that L if I start now may be by next September I will be better confident in my abilities or disabilities in the water. Ever wish you could walk on water?
~So many things to do so little time……