Monday, May 4, 2015

The Journey

I believe everyone is on a journey. Some people continuously reinvent themselves, changing paths or directions every once in a while. Some people follow the same road or even follow the leader. I believe in setting your own path. Making your own way through life. Not to say that occasionally you have to play follow the leader or at least take some part of their road. But you should make it your own. And I believe this is true with just about every facet of life. Take for instance my weight loss journey. I don't know how many times I have started the journey, got lost along the way, found myself again, changed paths, succeeded but never crossed the finish line. I can pretty much say this about every avenue about my life. Not many regrets, but there are some so we must we live and learn.

So here I go again, starting a new journey. Not "new" in the term of never done before but more of a reinvention journey. I was perusing the blog world and I came across a sentence that made me go hmmm. "the weight loss defeats you’ve experienced in the past are not failures at all. They’re the lessons you needed to learn in order to succeed this time! Now you know what doesn’t work and you’ll understand better what will work now. When you believe that you can be successful at weight loss (because it makes sense)  you’ll lose the weight. It sounds too simple, I know, but it’s the truth." (source) This isn't my first rodeo, even my first ride. With both times I lost major weight, there were a few key things that I did, and it worked. One being I counted calories and the other I lifted just as much as I did cardio. OF course the second time I around towards the end of that journey I did more cardio (a lot of cross training) because I was doing races by that time but both journeys had weights involved.

Both times that major weight loss occurred I had such determination. But I also know in my life no matter how much determination I have, I can sub-comb towards a bottomless pit in a heart beat. I have to keep myself mentally in check. But I truly feel at this particular stage of the game, I feel better mentally and emotionally. Not to say that I don't have my days that I feel like burying myself under the covers or in a bowl of queso. Those are the days I have to watch myself. Those are the days I have to find strength outside myself. And I'm learning to do that.