Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Few Days of Opportunities

Well I owe you a few days of posts. I meant to post a picture a day but that didn't quite workout that way. There was So here is a recap of days 11-13....
Beautiful ain't it. We have gone camping the last several years. Rather it be in a tent, trailer, RV or cabin. This year we went to Robber's Cave in Southeastern Oklahoma. This wasn't our first choice but it was closed due to the government shut down. Although the trip had a few bumps in the beginning we ended up having a great time.

It was a wonderful time that went a little too fast. I wished I would have had one more day. But I will take the days I had. Being somewhat unplugged (sorry for no post). Getting to see all the stars, sit around the camp fire, go exploring and just listening to my kids talk and play.

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