Monday, July 30, 2012

Blessings from a Gift

So yesterday I finished painting my bedroom. Yes I said finished. See I’m a person that likes to see results immediately. I know don’t we all. So I’ve wanted to paint our bedroom and cover a headboard with some vintage napkins I found, so we made the headboard but before we hung it I knew I would be painting soon. Define soon. So I got the paint and painted just the wall in which our headboard would hang. I know lazy but it was a start. Anyway, a few weeks have gone by and I decided that my goal for the weekend would be to finish painting our bedroom. I thought it would only take a couple of hours. WRONG! It took me all afternoon. Really? Of course I had “help”.
But the purpose of this post isn’t about painting my bedroom, although it is a pretty color and things are coming together nicely, but I want to save that for another post. No, the purpose is about another blog post I came across today that made me stop and think about my own Pirfect Life. The author, Nancy Jo Sullivan, talks about her daughter who had down’s syndrome and how she found the blessings throughout it all.
During my afternoon of painting, little batman thought he needed to decorate my room. So here I am trying to work around furniture, kids and now decorations. I had a dinosaur, Legos and Lego books. After awhile little batman went to a friend’s house to play so I wrapped up painting and started putting my bedroom back together which included removing his decorations. So when he got home, needless to say he went to check and was a little upset that I had removed his decorations. He brought each exact lego he had created and put them back exactly where he had them. All the while, I’m trying to explain to him that I don’t need his legos in my room. I wish I had captured the look I got, priceless. But you guessed it, the legos are still in my room but they were relocated onto the window sill by my bed.
The point is I caught myself thinking this morning as I was reading Nancy Jo’s post that even though Elliott’s issues are difficult and stressful, he is so much a blessing in my life. I even have a Happy Mom’s Day banner hanging on my door because he insists it’s my day, every day. Smart kid!  The little love notes I get, that say Elliott Love Mommy with a flower and heart are so precious to me. So who cares if the Lego man in an airplane might not fit in with my deco, it was a gift from a blessing that I shouldn’t refuse!

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