Friday, December 28, 2012

The Lego Man

Like many we have tons of Legos in our house. There isn't a room in this house that doesn't have a lego in it. And yes I'm sure if you look in our cars you will find some too!

So why with over thousands of legos, why would Santa bring more this year? Because the boy is obssessed. He got 6 legos sets at Christmas. And we aren't talking about any small sets either. I'm talking the big sets.
It isn't any surprise that by nights end he had 4 of the six sets completed before we stopped him.
It probably isn't any surprise that the very next day his Christmas money was burning a whole in his pocket and off to Toys R Us we went where he purchased another two sets. And it isn't any surprise that the Lego store was hit yesterday with yet another set. And it surely isn't any surprise that those two new sets are together and as of right now the last of the sets purchased or received is being put together as we speak.

And I'm sure before the weekend is over we will end up at Walmart purchasing yet another set or two of legos. The madness won't end........ 

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