Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wrestling with the time sucker........

We all know the expression….so much to do so little time. I can so relate to that! And today I’m adding so many books to read so little time……I have over 370 books on my “want-to” read list on Goodreads. I’ve often caught myself saying, if I could find a way to read all day long and get paid for it, I would jump on it but then again I’ve said that about many of things…….
Could you image Jesus saying the same thing? “So much to do so little time” I mean he lived 33 years (or so I’m being told), a short life in our human terms. And yet even though he isn’t here physically, he is still doing so much. Could you see him sitting at Starbucks drinking a latte kicked back reading on his IPAD? I totally could. Just an everyday man sitting back relaxing before he goes out and saves some more souls! Awesome!
Anyway, back to my original thought. I sit and ponder sometimes how I can incorporate more reading. What is it that I’m doing that is taking away for one of the things I enjoy? I mean really, there is the evening routine of cooking dinner, clean up, homework, eating etc….but what is it that I am doing? We flip the TV on, easy peasy right? Ugh, that just confirms that I do need to get rid of that cable box. I mean even last night if we hadn’t found Hope Floats on the upper channel we probably would have watch some re-run or senseless show that is a waste of time when it really comes down to it. Really, how much Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, Survivor Man can one watch? Apparently many, many episodes. TV can be such a time sucker. We always seem to have one on, somewhere. And with the exception of the bathrooms, we have one in every room, yes including the garage.
No, I need to either go in the other room or just sit back with my Nook and read, I’m pretty good about zoning out noise when I read, especially if I am in a good book so it shouldn’t be a problem. I challenged myself to read 42 books this year. I would actually like it to be 50 but I figured since I’m going to be 42 it is a good number. I’m already behind. It is the 9 days into the month and I’m supposed to be ready on average 3 books a month…..hmm…..better get on it.

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