Tuesday, October 1, 2013

And the journey begins.......

Day 1, I feel like I’m starting an epic journey. A journey through space….na not really, I just like the dramatic theme song playing in my head. No I’m just normal ole’ me. So, day 1 of this link up. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to work this. Rather I’m going to be posting at night or in the morning. Rather I write about the current day or the past day. I’m a good organizer, planner but sometimes my follow through is something left to be desired. I get my inspiration from various places. So if you are here with me on this journey be prepared for randomness, rambling, or anything else I decide to throw out. I thought I would make a list of things I want to work on and then use those topics to discuss the opportunities. But first where did I come up with a title of opportunities. I actually stole it from my director at work. He says “that every day is an opportunity”. There is always an opportunity to learn and if you sit back and observe you can find those opportunities. Some are more apparent than others, some you have to work at and some you don’t realize happen until afterwards. All are great gifts and should be cherished and pondered on. 1. Following Financial Peace Program – I’m currently taking the 9 week class. We are on week 3…..starting to do the cash flow budget. So I’m hoping after our camping trip next week, I can start applying more of the concepts. We have already put plans in place for savings and snow balling debt. 2. Quite time with Jesus/Daily Devotions – never really have been good with this but have always had the desire to do so more consistently. 3. Read more books – I’ve been saying for a good long time now how I wanted to get rid of the cable box. With following #1 more that really may happen. But I really want to carve more time out to read. 4. Get back into my workout regimen. I really have fallen off the “band wagon” so to speak. Ever since this summer when it got too hot and I used that as an excuse to not run…..things just fell apart from there. But last night I worked out with my BFF and the desire is flickering again. 5. Eating – get a grip. Has a lot to relate to #4 again feel off the “band wagon” and seemed not to care but the shame, guilt, flicker that enough is enough is happening so….. 6. Date night with hubby. Something that we used to do at least once a week but kiddos schedule, babysitting issues etc it hasn’t happened. And we need it. 7. Find my path…..I feel like I’m to do more. That I’m not actually following the path I should. So there it is, somewhat of a plan for the next 31 days. I’m sure there will be more things that I will discuss but these are the thoughts that are swimming in my head. I’m hoping by writing these down I can look back on them and truly delve into them. I have some busy times this month so hopefully I can still find the time to slow down in the process and really think, ponder, pray and wait. For I know He has grand plans for me. That’s really my goal here, finding my path, re-evaluating not only my life but my family’s life. What is important to me, to them and to Jesus. I’ve spent too many years doing and living how I think others want me to live like. Now is the time to live like He wants me to, like the way I need to for me and my family. Isn’t it exciting? A journey with a few bumps in the road but a journey that I will not be alone on.

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